Governance is one of the most widely used, misunderstood and, at times, abused concepts in Public administration. The present is an attempt to recognize excellence in governance by an independent jury comprising former bureaucrats of unmatched standing backed by the credibility and goodwill of gfiles.

The aim is to recognize people with consistent performance of the highest standards and those who have made a major contribution to Indian Society. every individual, howsoever humble, deserves to be patted on the back, recognized and appreciated for good work once in a while. Many people, however, end up as unsung heroes. an award can work wonders on the morale of the person getting the award and motivate him/her to work even harder and set a positive example for others to follow. Doing good work does not mean doing great and earth-shaking things; sometimes performing the same mundane duties with a different approach can also make all the difference. all hope is not lost, though. Quite a few people working in various Government departments are also doing a really good job. If we can identify such people and recognize their selfless service and contribution to nation building…the good work would get better.